Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Few days with gOS Rocket

I installed gOS Rocket in my desktop a week back out of curiosity. My desktop has P4 2.26GHz, 1.26GB DDR1. Installation was very simple. But when I booted for the first time with gOS, some arbitrary error messages flooded my screen (even now, I get them everytime I boot :)). I thought gOS had screwed up something. Fortunately, those messages didnt affect a normal startup and I could login. The desktop is quite pleasing for the eyes. Other than that I really could not find any improvements over Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon. In fact, I faced some problems in navigation through different windows and also difficulty in locating even the terminal ! Any user already using Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon would be happy continue using it. There is no reason to switch to gOS Rocket.

In short, I would term gOS Rocket as just a very good theme based on enlightenment for Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon. It may be suited for desktops with <512MB RAM because its desktop is very light. I would soon switch to Gutsy Gibbon as it offers more than what I desire for my desktop.

Monday, January 21, 2008

gOS Rocket - First Impressions

I finally managed to download live CD of gOS-2.0 Rocket yesterday. I just ran the live CD to get first impressions of the new gOS Rocket. I list some of the features I could observe during my 30 minutes stay with the live CD.
  • gOS desktop appears stunning similar to a Mac, better than other linux distros.
  • As I already doubted in my previous blog, Google applications are not preinstalled. Just the icons are there in desktop. Clicking the icons, would take one to Google homepage through Firefox.
  • Almost all applications required for everyday use such as Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice, Gimp, CD/DVD burner, Music/ Video players (Rhythmbox, Xine) are pre-installed.
  • Synaptic package manager can be used to install other free applications like Tetex, mplayer, gedit, emacs etc through internet.
  • Performance-wise, gOS is very fast even while running from live CD which may be attributed to the light-weight window manager called Enlightenment.
  • Installation procedure is same as that of Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon.
On the whole, in my opinion, gOS is quite suited to any desktop/laptop user working with internet most of the times. In other words, any managerial person would love to have gOS to be with him/her. Almost all everyday job can be performed very easily by even a beginner in Linux. Hard-core Linux fans (also Linux geeks) who are already working with some other popular Linux Distro such as Ubuntu, Suse, Fedora etc may not appreciate gOS that much.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ubuntu Training Material for Novice

I just came across documents which are basic guides for any novice to Ubuntu Linux. Ubuntu training group has done a commendable job with the document and clearly explain the advantages of using Ubuntu without much advanced details. One can download both student and instructor material from Ubuntu Wiki as PDF documants. This is a very good step towards educating new users about the best OS available now. I hope many instructors use the available material in order to encourage and educate students to use Linux.

Good Tamil Movie Album in recent times !

I rarely listen to new tamil movie songs for the past 3-4 years because most of them are repetitive in music and few of the new singers spoil the better ones. Just few weeks back, I happened to listen to songs from the tamil movie "Pirivom Sandhippom" which has music by Vidyasagar. All the songs in the album are worthy melodies. I particularly liked the duet song "Kanden Kanden" very much. Singer Karthik has sung this song excellently, as good as SPB in his peak days. Female singer Swetha's voice is pretty good, though rendition is not clear at times. The background music of the song is very innovative. Anyone who likes peppy melody would definitely like this song. After "Mozhi", Vidyasagar has given nice melodies once more!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

gOS Rocket Launch !

gOS - Discover a good OS is a Linux distribution with free updates for life. It is built upon Ubuntu Linux and Enlightenment window manager. It has almost all major applications such as openoffice, pidgin, firefox etc which every desktop user requires for his/her day-to-day work. I still do not understand about how Google applications are shipped with this OS. Generally, Firefox is enough for running almost all the applications of Google as they are web-based. Enlightenment is a light-weight window manager which could speed up Ubuntu quite a bit compared to Gnome, KDE and xfce. Rocket, the latest version of gOS built on Gutsy Gibbon (Ubuntu 7.10), is due for release tomorrow. I am eagerly awaiting to try Rocket and see its added advantages with Gutsy Gibbon.

Belated New Year Resolution

First of all, Congratulations to Australian cricket team for securing the worst win in test cricket at Sydney flooded with hugely biased umpiring (thanks to Benson and Bucknor) and cheating by almost all Australian players. Australians, in particular - Ponting and Gilchrist should be ashamed of this win for they supported and carried forward all the cheats carried out over all the 5 days of Sydney Test. As World Champions, they are setting a worst example to others.

This win has obviously propelled me to make a belated new year resolution, i.e., to stop following the cricket matches which are becoming increasingly meaningless thanks to the growth of pathetic umpiring and poor gamesmanship. This resolution would definitely save a lot of time for me and would enable me to do better things in life. At least now, I have realized this. Always, it is better late than never!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Australia in Trouble? Call on the Umpires!

Australia was in hopeless condition today at 134/6 in the Sydney Test. I thought India were in a better position to wind up Australian Innings below 200. But, as it has always happened for the past few years, apart from luck, umpires (including 3rd umpire!) came to the rescue of Australia. Symonds got to an ugly century one would ever see in a test after getting out logically innumerable times. I will not give any credit to Australia even if they win this test by an innings. Now that there is little hope for India in this test, I can better concentrate on my work. :) However, kudos to Indian bowlers for their fighting spirit against all odds.