Monday, June 23, 2008

Nokia 5310 Vs Sony Ericsson w580i

I bought Nokia 5310 and Sony Ericsson w580i two weeks back and examined their functionalities for about 5 days. I thought it worth comparing these 2 phones with similar features. Search in google for the look of these 2 phones.

Nokia 5310 - INR 9,200
Sony Ericsson w580i - INR 10,000

Nokia 5310 - Slim, Light weight
Sony Ericsson w580i - Sliding, Bit heavy

Nokia 5310 - PC suite installs in Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Sony Ericsson w580i - PC suite installs in Windows 2000/XP

Both the phones have 2MP camera. Sony Ericsson w580i's pictures are much less noisy compared to that of Nokia 5310. This may be due to superior imaging technology of Sony. One strange thing I observed was that I could not use zoom while in single shot mode of Sony Ericsson w580i.

Both the phones come with 1 GB MicroSD card. Nokia 5310 has XpressMusic while Sony Ericsson w580i has Walkman. Quality of sound is quite good in both. Nokia 5310 comes preloaded with 50 Bollywood hits while Sony Ericsson w580i comes with 4 sets of ear plugs of different sizes. Both the phones have FM also. Both have separate volume, play/pause, prev and next buttons like IPods. I could not connect to any FM station as the signals were very weak at my hometown.

Bluetooth & Internet:
Both the phones have GPRS and bluetooth. I connected both the phones to internet via GPRS. I could browse using my laptop connected to Nokia 5310 as it had a PC suite which installed in Vista and I had Vista in my laptop. Another interesting application in Nokia 5310 is Yahoo! Go. It is a collection of tools which enable one to browse maps, check mails, read news etc. I liked it very much. The browser in Nokia 5310 called Opera Mini is excellent and it could fetch pages from internet sites which are not accessible by in-built browsers of Nokia 5310 and Sony Ericsson w580i. Applications for internet are abundant in Nokia 5310 compared to Sony Ericsson w580i.

Nokia 5310 has a 16M color display while Sony Ericsson w580i has a 256K color display. I could feel that the display and menus of Sony Ericsson w580i are far better than Nokia 5310 in terms of easy navigation and user convenience. Also, themes of Sony Ericsson w580i are very nice.

On the whole, both Nokia 5310 and Sony Ericsson w580i are worth the money spent.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dasavatharam - Erroneous proofs for controversial theory

Yesterday, I went to Adlabs for watching Dasavatharam just to see what is there in it to create this much hype. I did not hold any expectations as per the advice of my friend Balaji. Dasavatharam has only one show (that too at 7:20PM) per day in Huma Adlabs, still there were hardly 50 people on the 5th day from release.

I was thoroughly disappointed with the first scene itself where a graphics of stadium was shown. The crowd and architecture resembled like those shown in EA sports games such as Cricket, FIFA etc. But the 12th century set and camerawork were of very high standards.

Coming to the theme, Kamal's story and screenplay has tried to prove the theory that God does not exist throughout the film. But the sad part is that the proof is completely erroneous with neither proper justifications nor proper implications. It is no wonder that some spiritual organization asked for a ban on the film. My observation is that Kamal has made this movie to please the atheists. I do not want to elaborate how Kamal was wrong in proving his point as I feel it a waste of my time and energy to discuss about that.

As far as Kamal's 10 roles are concerned, Kamal has put lot of effort to make every role distinct. Out of 10 Kamals, I liked the Balram Naidu character which is quite hilarious. The Poovaragan character is quite sensible. Other characters are just passable. Asin's character as Andal is one of the most irritating roles I have ever seen. She keeps on running with Kamal and lands him in trouble most of the times.

The movie on the whole is very artificial and kids would appreciate it more as they may not understand the theory behind the movie. One would have liked Kamal to make a light-hearted comedy with his ten roles in this movie. But he follows a different path in this movie and fails miserably. This film, no doubt, has some good scenes but they are sparse and spread randomly. Dasavatharam is definitely not in the league of Michael Madana Kama Rajan, Avvai Shanmugi, Thenali etc.

My predicition: An atheist would enjoy this movie the most and people who have even small belief in any form of God would like to stay away from it after hearing from others.