Sunday, November 30, 2008

Champion of the Champions

Last month marked the sensational return of Roger Federer in his top gear to lift the US open title for the fifth consecutive year. Federer was not in any sort of rhythm going into the US open this year. But he fought with full dedication and lifted the crown which he definitely deserves for many more years to come.

I am a great fan of the greats of the open era like Pete Sampras, Boris Becker, Steffi Graff, Navaratilova, Justine Henin apart from Roger Federer. One common factor among all these champions is that all had a single-handed backhand which is a delight to watch. What makes Federer stand unique is his versatility on all surfaces. One might argue that he could not win a title in French open still. But, if not for Nadal, Federer would already have been champion there for 3 consecutive years. Sampras has never entered the final of French open ever as he did not have a proper game for clay court.

At present, both Federer and Nadal are injured but gearing up for the next show in the Australian open early next year. This absence has given opportunity for Djokovic and Murray to regroup. On a given day, these four are capable of defeating each other with their skills. It is surely a great situation for the Australian open with these 4 being the most probable semi finalists.

Being an admirer of Federer, I strongly feel that Federer would overcome these hurdles to win the Australian open and therefore equal Sampras' record of 14 grandslam wins. Federer would then be crowned "The Greatest of all time" by statistics as well. I just can not wait for the cracking contests in Australian open next year.

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