Monday, June 22, 2009

Top 3 Vadivel Comedies

Vadivel is an amazing comedian with great comic timing. He gets into any character and produces non-stop laughter. I watched a lot of his comedies in "Sirippoli" and "Aadithyaa" channels. As a continuation of the previous post, I write about Top 3 Vadivel comedies which I like most here.

1. Vetri Kodi Kattu

This film has a laugh riot with Parthiban and Vadivel in full form. Vadivel wears a shining kurta and a lungi claiming that he has come from Dubai. Parthiban finds out that Vadivel was a toilet cleaner in Dubai from his own words and teases him. Parthiban warns not to wear Dubai dress in India and keeps troubling him. Vadivel gets afraid whenever he is seen by parthiban in the Dubai attire. The scene where Parthiban tells that he came to India from Dubai without a ticket in flight and traps Vadivel is very hilarious. Watch all the comedy scenes from this classic comedy.

2. Friends

Vadivel comes as a painting contractor and hires Vijay and Surya as his apprentices. He is 'Chittappa' to Ramesh Kanna and others also call him the same. He goes to a wealthy house for a painting contract along with others and the fun which ensues after that is simply rocking. The scene when Vijay and Surya kidnap Vadivel and beat him up with his head between the tree trunks is ultimate fun. Charlie, Madan Bob add to the fun. This is a pure comedy which is a must watch for all.

3. Winner

In this movie, Vadivel comes as the head of "Varuthappadaatha Valibar Sangam" (Sorrow-less Youth Association). Some guys lift him and take him wherever he goes. He keeps abusing many guys and gets beaten up. The scene where Riyaz ties Vadivel on the tree and leaves some stray dogs below is funny. One has to watch this movie scenes to enjoy.

Apart from the above movies, I like Vadivel comedies from the movies Vaseegara, Giri, Rendu, Kadhalan, Sachin, Chandramukhi, Bagavathy, Asathal, Imsai Arasan 23rd Pulikesi, Pokkiri, Arya, Em Magan, Villu, Engal Anna, Marudhamalai, and many others. I wish Vadivel good luck for the future movies and let us enjoy more funny moments in life through him.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Top 3 Vivek Comedies

When I was in home this month, I watched the new tamil comedy channels "Aadithyaa" and "Sirippoli" a lot. The comedies shown helped me to chill out in the vacation. These are 24 hour comedy channels with Vivek and Vadivel comedies shown most of the times. I thought that I would share the top 3 comedies of Vivek which I liked the most. In the next post, I plan to list top 3 comedies of Vadivel.

1. Pennin Manathai Thottu

Vivek's comedy is simply amazing in this movie. He comes as a independent MLA's son who buys a medical college seat in this movie. The scene where he gets his back burnt in a toilet is extremely funny. As a medical student, he makes fun of the system which provides seat to anyone who pays money. Dr. Mathrubootham, his professor, asks the students to call him and ask any doubt any time. Vivek calls him at midnight and asks, "Neenga verum Daasaa, Illa laadu labakku daasa?" (I can not translate these lines) This scene is also very hilarious.

2. Lovely

I like the Vivek comedy scenes from this movie a lot. Karthik (Hero) gives Alagesh's (Vivek) photo as his own to escape from goons, thinking that Vivek has already left for the US. However, Vivek stays still in India and calls himself as Al Gates as he is fascinated by western people. The goons track him wherever Vivek is found and beat him up. The scene where he lies down like a frog hit by a national permit lorry is very hilarious. He lands in the same hospital bed every time he gets beaten up. One has to watch the scenes to appreciate the ultimate fun.

3. Run

In this movie, Vivek comes from Trichy to Chennai in search of his friend Madhavan. The troubles he encounters in chennai are interleaved in the movie. The scene where he comes out of Koovam with dirt and acts like "Moondram Pirai" ("Sadma") Kamal to catch the attention of Madhavan is funny. Also the scene where Vivek goes with a political party parade and misses Madhavan even after seeing him also is extremely funny. This movie has lot of comedy scenes and Vivek finally becomes a fake spiritual guru and does not locate his friend till the end.

There are other movies like Dhill, Parthiban Kanavu, Padikkathavan, Dhool, Kushi, Vaali, M Kumaran, Lesa Lesa, Paramasivan, Anniyan, Saamy, Minnale, Sivaji and many more where Vivek's comedies are the highlight. I like all these comedies very much and recommend these to any one who want to have some fun. I hope Vivek will treat us with a lot more amazing comedies in the years to come.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Federer - The King

By winning the French Open 2009, Roger Federer has proved convincingly that he is the best player in Tennis ever. I take this opportunity to salute the champion of the champions. Bring on Nadal! I can not wait for Wimbledon any more.