Sunday, July 12, 2009

Federer - The Greatest Ever !

My last year wish has come true now. Federer has answered my open letter by winning both the French Open and the Wimbledon. Federer has 15 Grand Slam titles now. It was a pleasure to see him regain his No 1 ranking in doing so. One should not take any credit from Federer, who played wonderful tennis, saying that Nadal was not around to defend his No 1 rank. The great Sampras himself confirmed after the Wimbledon final that Federer is the greatest ever to play Tennis. I feel proud in watching Federer play with passion all through my life. As I am just 4 months younger to Federer, I could follow his career from the start and he has been a great inspiration for me in life. I had the opportunity to witness the history being made in the Wimbledon last week.

Federer fought very hard in the classic Wimbledon final, with Roddick in amazing form. Federer was not at his best by any stretch of imagination. However, he hung around without giving up anything to Roddick. I felt that he was a bit over confident in the final. The way Federer won 6 straight points from being 2-6 down in the second set tie-break, I could not do anything but admire the true champion. The back hand cross court flick which saved the first set point was Federer at his very best. Federer had the advantage of serving first in the last set which aided him. Similar situation arose in the last year's classic final with Nadal where Nadal had a similar advantage. In the final set, pressure would always be on the player serving second. Roddick did incredibly well, however, to take the final set to 30 games. Federer's big serves also helped him big time in the final set.

I want to shed some words for the other contenders in this Wimbledon. In fact, I personally felt that the way Roddick approached the Wimbledon final, he deserved to win as much as Federer. Roddick has improved his game over the past one year. Federer tried to rally the ball to his back hand and came to net many a times in the first set. Quite often Roddick passed him without much trouble. Such shots were very rare from Roddick's rocket 3 years earlier. In ground strokes, Roddick matched Federer in every point.

I liked the way Roddick played against Murray in the Semi-final. The whole stadium was against him. Still Roddick won against all odds. I sincerely feel that Roddick has it in him to win many more slams in the near future. As for Murray, I tend to think that he is Tim Henman Version 2.0. This much hype, even when Murray has not even won a slam yet, is not going to help Murray by any means. I thought that Tommy Haas played far better than Murray in this Wimbledon.

I think that no can ever break the Federer's record of 21 consecutive Grand Slam semi-finals. He has been very consistent with his performance and he has been a real icon for any one who wants to excel. As a die-hard Federer fan, I salute him and I wish he plays many more great matches in the coming years. It would be great to see Nadal return in US open. With Federer playing without any pressure, having achieved almost everything, it would be fascinating to watch a Federer-Nadal final again. I can not wait for the US open 2009.

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