Saturday, November 21, 2009

2 States by Chetan Bhagat - Quick Review

Chetan Bhagat has always been an entertaining modern writer ever since his first novel "Five Point Someone". His novels are usually full of fun in every page. His latest offering "2 States" is no different. This novel narrates the love and marriage of Krish and Ananya from Punjab and Tamilnadu respectively. Though the basic theme of the novel is reminiscent of a latest tamil flick "Abhiyum Naanum", the novel is very different in the content.

Chetan switches to IIM Ahmedabad as premise for this novel and carries forward a character from Five Point Someone. The happenings at the management school set the tone for the novel. However, the ultimate fun starts when Krish joins Citibank after completing his post graduate diploma in IIM. Krish's encounters with his stupid boss Bala, who makes Krish scapegoat for his blunders, are a treat to read. Also, Krish's entry into Ananya's family evoke a lot of laughter. Romantic sequances between Krish and Ananya is much westernized which is not that realistic. It may be due to the fact that they are students of IIM.

The major factor which makes this novel realistic is that Chetan uses all real world entities like IIM, Citibank etc. He does not even spare SPB and Hariharan. Chetan even takes a dig at the atrocities of the auto rickshaw guys in chennai.

On the whole, this novel is a very light and worthy read. I loved every page of this novel. I strongly recommend this novel to any one who likes to chill out for a while on a weekend.

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wanted you to comment on my post on chetan bhagat , wonder if your opinion on 2 states would be same after it