Thursday, December 03, 2009

Men's Tennis 2009 Review

Tennis season for the year 2009 are complete with only a few Davis cup matches remaining. In this article, I shall review how the year was for the top players.

Federer should be happiest of all looking back at the year. He regained No 1 ranking, reached all grand slam finals, won 2 grand slams, completed career slam, and also became a father of twins. He could not have asked for anything more. He himself would not have thought that he could have got all this in 2009 when he became emotional after the Australian open final against Nadal. Though not in top form, he would probably stay at the top of the rankings in 2010 as well.

started 2009 very well by winning the Australian open. Everyone thought that he would be No 1 throughout 2009. However, Soderling had other plans. No one expected Soderling to defeat Nadal at the Roland Garros that too in the fourth round. It was a shock for Nadal as well worsened by his knee injury. Nadal lost his No1 ranking, missed Wimbledon and got beaten by Del Potro in US open. He is not the same Nadal who ran and returned every ball which came on his side. Unless he changes his game a bit to not stretch himself too much, he will struggle to be in top 3 in 2010.

Del Potro had a great year. He was on the verge of spoiling Federer in Roland Garros and ended up upsetting him in US open final. In fact, he defeated both Nadal and Federer and promptly crowned US open champion. He is slowly getting the consistency which was missing from him in 2008. This tall man is the one to watch out for in 2010. He has it in him to upset Nadal and Federer on his day.

Happenings in 2009 proved that Murray has all the ingredients in him to become the next Tim Henman. He is a great player, make no mistake. However, he ends up losing to arbitrary players at unexpected matches. He is very inconsistent at the grandslams which is evident as he did not even reach a single grand slam final in 2009. He has to undergo a lot of hardships in 2010 to prove that he is indeed capable of a grand slam title.

Same can be said about Djokovic. Though he played well towards the end of the year to reach No 3 rank, his performance in the grand slams were poor by his standards. Tough times ahead for him in 2010. He is capable of giving headaches to Nadal and Federer in some matches.

I have to really feel for the performance of Roddick in the epic Wimbledon final. He played far better than Federer but ended up losing. He has to improve a lot to compete with others at the top. For that to happen he has to overcome his fitness hurdles because of age.

Davydenko finally won his first match against Federer in the 13th attempt. He is in form and is a great fighter. He is also a player to watch out for in 2010.

Soderling is an amazing player who knocked out Nadal from his empire, Roland Garros. He is improving with every tournament and he should be an exciting player to watch in 2010.

In my opinion, 2010 would be the year which could bring a momentum shift in world tennis. It is going to be a year filled with lot of very close matches. Whoever comes out as victor, would rule the tennis for the next few years. My heart tells me that Federer is going to be that person. My mind says that it is going to be someone else. An interesting year of tennis ahead of us with these players gunning down each other. Australian open 2010 promises to be a cracking tournament.


vvv said...

It would be great if you can post your top three best gland slam matches, top three atp level matches of the year and Roger Federer Moments of the year!!

Here's My choice for the top 3 grand slam matches of the year: (we Fedophiles cannot think straight when it comes to objectivity where Federer is involved. so let us restrict our analysis to Non-federer matches:

In no particular order, these were three thrilling matches of the year:
1. Verdasco vs. Nadal. AO SF
2. Soderling vs. Nadal (for obvious reasons... :-))
3. Wawrinka vs Murray 4th round, Wimbledon

Other ATP matches:
Absolutely has to be Nadal vs Djokovic Madrid Masters SF (a best of three sets match lasting four hours with superb rallies!!)
Davydenko's victories towards the year end!!

About Fed:

Federer's Clinical Performance:
Fed Vs Del Potro Aus. Open QF A 6-3, 6-0, 8-0 thrashing of Potro!

Fed's Heart Attack Inducing Matches:
Fed Vs. Haas (4th round FO)
Fed Vs. Potro (SF FO)
Fed Vs. Roddick (Wimb. Final)

First Joyous Fed's Match Result:
Fed Vs. Nadal Madrid Final!!

Most glorious moments of the year:
Fed winning French Open by defeating Soderling!
Fed hitting 50 aces and 100 + winners to win Wimbledon against Roddick!

Questionable Fed's Matches:
Fed Vs. Tsonga (led 5-1 in the final set and losssttttt!!)
Fed Vs. Del Potro US Open Final (a set up and serving for second set with 30-0 lead only to lose the match in five sets where he absolutely lost his composure)

What else?? Nadal owning him on hard courts as well.. AO final!!

You can add more such fun trivia!!

alegria said...

federer deserves it to be number one of the atp ranking

this was my favourite match
Soderling vs. Nadal :D