Friday, January 29, 2010

Australian Open Final - Preview

After 10 days of tennis, the big match everyone awaits is scheduled on Sunday. The best players of Australian open this year, Federer and Murray, will clash to get the grand slam crown. Federer has already achieved a lot and is incomparable in tennis open era. Though not in his prime, he is still able to produce some of his gems every now and then. Murray is a British tennis hope. He has to somehow win one grand slam title for the British and he would be glorified as the greatest ever to have played tennis immediately.

Both the players are in top form. One should expect an electrifying final. Murray leads head-to-head 6-4 with Federer. As everyone is aware, Federer always tends to raise his game on big matches. Federer disposed Murray in straight sets to win the US open 2008 title. Murray is very young and manages to take out some top ranked players in the grand slams. This year also he eliminated Rafa from the Australian open.

The major weakness for Murray is the ridiculously high media hype. As Federer told after defeating Tsonga today, "I know [Murray] would like to win the first for British tennis in... what is it? Like 150,000 years?", British media is crazy about Murray. This sort of hype has already ruined the career of a good player called Tim Henman. One has to wait and watch how Murray is going to handle all this. Murray has the game and tactics to defeat Federer consistently, execution is the major problem on big events.

Federer does not have anything to lose in the Final. Just by being  positive and keeping Murray under constant pressure, he can sail through it. His touch was evident in the way he defeated Tsonga today. Murray also expects a tight match with Federer. Murray is not a left hander like Nadal to trouble Federer on his backhand.  An advantage Murray has is that he has 2 days rest before the final while Federer has only one. Given that Federer hardly sweat today, it should not be a major concern.

All these facts make the Sunday's Final very special. Murray has to play for the pride of his country and Federer has nothing to lose. I expect a very tight finish to the final and somehow get a feeling that Federer will have to fight using all his experience and skill to defeat Murray. As a die-hard Federer fan, I would love to see Federer getting his 16th grand slam title at the Rod Laver Arena on Sunday. Murray might come with other plans though.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Google Crawler - Please find me!

Google crawler crawls through the web and helps the Google search to index the web pages. My site was up on a different url till few months back, it was visible in Google search. When the url got changed, my site vanished from Google search, though it appeared in Rediff search.

Thanks to Swanand and Nikhil, I used some script in my index.html page and also verified the site with Google webmasters few days back. These activities also did not propel the Google web crawler to visit my site till now. I read in help that my site has to be linked from some other sites in order to be visited by the crawler. Here is my silly request to the Google crawler.

Hey Google crawler!

Here is my complete information. Please visit and index my site as soon as possible. :)

Shanmuganathan Raman 
Research Scholar, Indian Institute of Technology IIT Bombay

I hope this works and my website appears in Google search soon. Any other suggestions to make my site appear in Google search are most welcome.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Plans for 2010

New Year 2010 has arrived and I also turned one year older a couple of days back. I wonder what is in store for me in 2010. The year 2009 had been a mixed year for me. Lot of achievements and struggles to keep up with the not so pleasant march towards another three letters near my name (or two letters before my name). Following the plans for 2009 did not help the matters much, although it helped me endure some of the critical situations. Here are the new set of plans for 2010.

  1. I started reading a couple of technical books and papers. I usually get quite a bit of doubts/queries when reading some of the great technical books I own which get answered over time. I hope to dig more into some technical things to keep myself busy and rejuvenated.
  2. Lot of fiction/non-fiction books I had bought remain unread still. I have to read them one by one and complete atleast by the end of this year. These include some of the novels by RK Narayan.
  3. I plan to release myself completely from the prison I presently reside and get a new lease of life outside sometime this year. Need to put some effort on that front as well ignoring some crap issues which turn up every now and then.
  4. I am totally turned off with the academic research based on the motto of Publish or Perish. I feel that I need to stay away from this stuff for a while after I complete formalities here. I plan to put attempts towards improving my general creativity skills. That should make my life really blissful!
  5. Started listening to a lot of old hindi film songs especially by Rafi. His voice is divine. I plan to build a collection of his memorable hits and dump in my Tsonic player.
  6. I need to have fun as usual with the rapidly increasing number of friends. Trouble PD, Shwaana a little more. Learn some spiritual fundamentals from Harsha. Apart from having plans to add more people of the other gender as friends, I plan to roam more.
  7. Having already become quite adept at cooking, I want to explore more on that front with new vegetarian recipes. I have even aspirations to become a cook at home in future.
  8. Providing moral support to Federer The King in his 2010 expeditions. I am sure Federer would deliver some more memorable matches in 2010.
  9. Slowly stop following T20 and one day cricket and restrict myself to only test cricket.
  10. I hope to continue my table tennis assignments with RamP. I plan to improve my Table Tennis game by adding different new shots in my repertoire.

Wish you a Happy New Year!