Thursday, December 09, 2010

Scilab in India

Scilab is a free computation software available as an alternative to commercial software like Matlab. The Scilab India group is based at IIT Bombay and it is part of FOSSEE group. Prof Kannan Moudgalya, Prof Madhu Belur and Prof Mani Bhushan are actively promoting Scilab in India. I recently associated with this group and the association helped me to explore image processing toolboxes compatible with Scilab.

I gave a talk on image processing using Scilab at the National Workshop on Scilab held in Mumbai last week. My talk slides can be found in the webpage of this workshop. This workshop was aimed at college teachers and creating awareness among them about Scilab. There were lot of talks over a week's time on how to use Scilab for diverse areas like ODEs, Signal Processing, Chemical Engg, Electromagnetics, Neural Networks, Wavelets, Image Processing, Control Systems etc apart from some spoken tutorials.

It is indeed a nice experience working with this group. It is always better to promote free software which can be made available to any user. I wish the Scilab team good luck in their future workshops. The website '' provides complete details about activities regarding Scilab in India. Interested readers of my blog might want to check this site frequently for various events and materials regarding Scilab.