Sunday, May 01, 2011

KO - Movie Review

I must first thank my nephew Raghavan who propelled me to watch this Tamil movie a couple of days back. Apart from the movie, I enjoyed the newly renovated Pandiyan cinemas in my town Kariakkudi. It has dts surround sound and seating as good as any multiplex. A fight sequence involving Suriya and Anushka in the recently released movie, "Singam" (Ajay Devgan is remaking it in Hindi.), was shot at Pandiyan cinemas. It was a nice little trip with ever charming Raghavan since we had stormed some key locations in Bengalooru 3 years back.

KO (meaning King) is a realistic take on the present day politics. What makes it very relevant is that it is centered around the Tamilnadu assembly elections which was held a couple of days back. Ashwin (Jiiva) is a photo journalist who likes to do adventures to expose both the CM (Prakash Raj) and the opposition leader (Kota Srinivasa Rao) before the elections. There is another guy called Vasanthan (Ajmal) who heads the elite group of young guys who also pitches in the fray for the elections. Ashwin also finds time to romance his colleagues in the office - Karthika and Piya. Jiiva's paper contributes to the rise of Vasanthan and fall of the other 2 major parties. What transpires next is told as an edge of the seat thriller.

KV Anand is an intelligent film maker which was evident from his first film, "Kana Kanden", where he portrayed the realistic view of irregularities pertaining to academic research and PhD in India. In this movie, he explores the power of the media and how it can impact the political scenario in a very interesting manner. The camera by Richard captures the actions in a stunning way. Some of the fights and chases have been choreographed very well. Happenings of recent politics such as cash for votes, invading newspaper office, etc. are depicted well. KO is a visual treat with a thrilling screenplay.

Jiiva and Ajmal are the real stars of the movie with power packed performances without any punch lines. Jiiva fits the role of a photo journalist extremely well. Ajmal is a highly underrated actor with great talent. Karthika (daughter of actress Radha) makes a solid debut with the natural portrayal of a journalist. Piya overacts but is okay. Prakash Raj and Kota evoke laughter whenever they come on scene. 

Music is good, with "Ennamo Edho" song being a great hit from Harris. Some other duets could have been avoided which pop up arbitrarily. A few other songs remind some of the earlier songs of Harris and Yuvan. Re-recording is perfect, though. The movie does not have any major comedians, which is a major plus as the comedy would have lead to digression from the main plot.

KO is a must watch movie for those who want to see the dirty politics prevalent in Taminadu through the eyes of a journalist. It is an irony that Karunandhi's grandson Udhayanidhi Stalin is distributing this movie and the movie is publicized widely in Kalaignar TV (caught in a corruption scandal following 2G scam). It seems politicians like publicity whether they are being admired or being laughed at.


ammamma said...

I dont know about KO but I would like to comment on the other movie you have mentioned: , "Kana Kanden"! I think there are only two or three scenes related to PhD. And that it! Then the rest of the movie is a typical "Hero v/s Villan" movie!! I dont think you can ever consider it as a movie about PhDs in India!

Anonymous said...

Stalin is the distributor of this movie? It shows how serious is that producer/director of the movie is about the corruption in politics!! Some people make money by corruption and some others make money by making miovie on corruption! And people like you pay for both!! hahaa....That's it! Its Tamilnadu!!