Sunday, July 31, 2011

IIT Bombay Diaries - 1

I recently defended my PhD thesis and I would be leaving IIT Bombay after a long stretch of 7 years. As I am spending last few days at IIT Bombay, I plan to write a series of blogs about great as well as not-so-great memories over the past 7 years.  To start with, I list some of the things I would definitely miss when I leave IIT Bombay for good.

  1. Friends at IITB - PD, RamP, Swana, Dotto, Debu, Srini, etc.
  2. Unlimited high-speed Internet and file sharing
  3. Mumbai rains
  4. Powai lake view from my room (A-505, Hostel 12)
  5. Watching cricket and tennis with the H-12 gang
  6. Roaming around the campus with T-shirt and shorts without taking bath
  7. Traveling by tum-tum unlimited number of times a day
  8. Gulmohar, Laxmi and Thambi restaurants
  9. Buying and reading a large number of books
  10. Printouts of e-books from H-12 shop at reduced rates
  11. Pleasant students in and around the hostels :)
  12. World cup matches in the convo hall
  13. PAFs at OAT
  14. TT with RamP
  15. More to come ...